Dr. Jessica Morris talks about Facial Aesthetics….

Dr. Jessica Morris talks about Facial Aesthetics….

I have been providing facial aesthetic treatments alongside dentistry since 2014 and have just completed my first year of my MSc in Aesthetic Medicine so thought it would be a good time to discuss what I can provide for you at the practice.

When people think of Anti-wrinkle injections and filler some think they of a ‘frozen’ or ‘false’ look. This myth was publicised by celebrities that had either gone OTT or it had aesthetics poorly done. My aim is to give my patients a fresher, more natural and rejuvenated look.

This can be achieved by anti-wrinkle injections, Filler, skin rejuvenating injections or a combinations of treatments.

I will talk about the two most common treatments I do – Anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Anti-wrinkle injections including the well-known Botox® is a muscle relaxant which softens the appearance of wrinkles.

Many patients have it done around the forehead and eyes as these muscle are strong and people tend to notice lines around here initially.

However these injections can also be placed in other areas including:

  • Mouth: to reduce wrinkle or help with a gummy smile
  • Chin: to treat a dimpled chin
  • Jaw: to reduce overworking of the clenching muscle (which also can be used for jaw slimming)
  • Neck: to creating a lifting effect around the jawline
  • Under arms: to stop sweating

Anti-wrinkle solutions are a prescription only medicine so a consultation is required to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Dermal fillers create a support for tissue by replacing areas where there has been loss of structure caused either by a patient’s anatomy or due to ageing. Fillers can be placed in a range of places in the face including the Lips, Cheeks, and Chin, Jawline to enhance these areas or Temple and tear troughs to reduce the hollowing effect. Fillers have Hyaluronic acid in them which not only provide support but also hydrates to the skin so these areas look rejuvenated.

To complement any facial aesthetics undertaken I offer a tailored medical grade skincare plan to provide healthier looking skin and reduce the skins of ageing and sun damage.

If you would like to see how these treatments can help you then please book a consultation with me to discuss any of treatments.


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