Why do we feel your neck at a check up?

Why do we feel your neck at a check up?

Yep, don’t get too excited! It’s not a massage. We are feeling for enlarged glands, lumps and bumps. We usual check in front of your ears, under your jaw and either side of your neck.

It is quite common to be able to feel small glands in the neck, but some enlarged glands may suggest problems elsewhere in your body.

As dentists, it is not uncommon for us to find conditions other than tooth problems. We regularly pick up skin cancers, but occasionally we have picked up tumours. We are not diagnosing these conditions, simply acting as an early warning system and would prompt you to see a G.P. if we were not sure.

Patients will often see a dentist on a regular basis, so we are well placed to notice changes. Visits to a G.P. are likely to be less common.

Interestingly, a visit to the dentist could save your life.

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