Slow Dentistry is a good thing?

Slow dentistry– Biomimetic dentistry is slow (yes, that’s a good thing). The ‘bond’ our adhesives make to the natural tooth are incredibly strong, but take some time to mature to strength. You wouldn’t build a house on foundations that are not fully set. The filling also has to be built up in very thin layers. All white fillings shrink on setting and if too big a chunk of filling is set in one go, it causes huge stresses on the tooth that can rip the bond away from the bottom of the cavity. This causes symptoms such as sensitivity to cold and sweet or even pain on biting. Eventually, bacteria will leak under the filling and could lead to the death of the tooth. Slow dentistry avoids this and together with special protocols to remove any decay and cracks, as well as rebuilding the tooth with specific materials and reinforced mesh, can increase the longevity of a tooth.

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