How long will my teeth last?

How long will my teeth last?

This is one of my exciting statistics posts, whoopee! Well actually it may help to give a more realistic idea on how long will teeth last.

In this blog, the word ‘restoration’ means a filling, crown or other ‘dental additions’ to teeth.

So here goes;
The average life expectancy in the U.K. is 80 years old. The ‘peak’ age that restorations and teeth begin to fail is between 30-40 years old. Studies on tooth restorations quote survival rates. These fall into short, medium and long term which is anything between about 3-20 years. (It must be noted that the restorations in these studies may have had further repairs to keep them in place). Therefore, if teeth or fillings start failing in your 30’s, it is likely that you will require several replacement restorations over the rest of your life.
Dentistry does not last forever!

The recommendation is that any restoration provided should be as conservative as possible and ideally biomimetic. We use the term ‘minimally invasive’. This helps us to maximise future treatment options as there is still remaining natural tooth to work with. Realistically if a restoration lasts 5-10 years it is considered to have had a beneficial health impact.

So, how long will your teeth last? That largely depends on whether you have lots of fillings or not. Treatments to teeth will reduce their life expectancy, so healthy untouched teeth are the way to go. Prevention is everything.

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